Libertad Para Angela Davis, Felix Beltran , 1971

I’m square. I’m pretty sure I’m one of the squarest people I know. So when I watch documentaries about the 1960s, I wonder which side I would choose during the culture war. On one side, I think, “Why couldn’t those hippies just conform? They should get a job and a haircut.” On the other side, I think, “Dissent is the basis of democracy, and they had every right to challenge the establishment.” I was four in 1968. I don’t recall being particularly forceful in my political leanings at that age, but I do recall the extreme distance in thinking between my parents and grandparents. And I remember refusing to wear jeans. See, square.

Some of my favorite posters were designed at this time. In many instances, I don’t know who the designer was; they were typically printed quickly and posted around the Haight. They all share a passion, immediacy, and earnest hope for a better future. They often ignored production issues in the race to get the message to the people. Now, don’t get all riled up and think I’m some sort of pinko commie because I like the Che Guevara and Fidel Castro posters. If you know me, you know I’m the farthest thing from a Communist. I’m just shallow and I like the colors.

Che Guevara, A. Rostgaard, 1969

Fuck the Draft, Dirty Linen Corporation, 1968

I Am A Man: Dr. Martin Luther King poster, Designer unknown, 1968

The Byrds for RFK Benefit, Designer Unknown, 1968

Anti-war poster Mexico Olympics, Designer unknown, 1968

Free Angela Davis Now!, Designer unknown, 1971

Fidel Castro, Raul Martinez, 1968

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4 Responses to “LBJ, USA, LSD, FBI, CIA”

  1. Lefty Begone Says:

    Something tells me if there were a Sarah Palin poster exactly like that Che poster–same colors, just a different person–you wouldn’t post it.

    Che was a racist, mass-murdering rapist.

  2. Lefty Begone Says:

    Something tells me that if the Che poster were replaced with an image of Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh, but it had the exact same design and colors (the sole reason you like the poster), you wouldn’t post it.

    Che was a racist, mass-murdering rapist.

    And it’s ironic that Angela Davis, who fought alongside the Republicans to pass the Civil Rights Act, is also a supporter of Communism. It’s ironic because Communism is all about slavery and oppression.

  3. Oscar Salinas Says:

    Hi there, that Mexican poster is not actually anti-war. It was produced to protest against the government’s militarised repression of the 1968 student movement which led to the infamous Tlatelolco massacre. This happened just ten days before the olympics started in Mexico City.

  4. Sean Says:

    Oscar, thanks for clarifying that. It’s been a mystery to me for years.