My Battle with Kathy Griffin

wallpaper, George Wythe House, Colonial Williamsburg

I feel sorry for my trainer, Bobby Solorio. He’s a fantastic trainer, always on time, and always changing things around to keep me interested. He also trains Kathy Griffin, hence the issue. I’m sure Kathy keeps him entertained with hilarious stories and tales of her exciting travels. I tell Bobby about speaking engagements at conferences and try to explain something wonderful I’ve seen, like a new typeface. And I endlessly tell him stories about my family and American history. These are wildly interesting to me, but I’m sure Bobby feels like he is trapped in a terrible American History class in high school.

Here’s an example: Kathy tells a great story about working with Anderson Cooper. I tell Bobby about visiting Colonial Williamsburg and actually meeting historians who knew about distant grandparents and other relatives at each of the buildings. Then, I excitedly tell him about the paint colors of the buildings. “Bobby,” I say, “I can actually get the same paint color that was used on the Peyton Randolph House, or the wallpaper color of the George Wythe House. George Wythe was married to two of my distant great-aunts, not at the same time, and then was murdered by a trashy nephew.” Then I recount the entire George Wythe story starting with Thomas Jefferson’s law studies. How does that compare to meeting Liza Minnelli?

However, someone out there might care about our country’s glorious history and the amazing colors at Williamsburg. And I, frankly, would much rather paint a wall with Wythe House Gold, than hang out with fabulous celebrities at glamorous galas.

Grisell-Hay House

Grisell-Hay House detail

Bryan House

Bryan House detail

Robert Carter House

Peyton Randolph House

St. George Tucker House

Levingston kitchen

Martin Senour Paints, Williamsburg Collection

Martin Senour Paints, Williamsburg Collection

Martin Senour Paints, Williamsburg Collection

Martin Senour Paints, Williamsburg Collection

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One Response to “My Battle with Kathy Griffin”

  1. John Beach Says:

    Hi Sean,
    If it would make you feel better, you could join me on my daily hike in Runyon Canyon, where, more often than not, I see Kathy doing the same hike. We could cruise along behind her holding discussions/critiques on vintage color palettes…of course loud enough to bother the crap out of her. Just a thought. :)
    Happy Thanksgiving and be thankful for all of our Pilgrim ancestors.