Hold Me Now

How many times have you come home after a long day to find all of your wall hangings crooked? I don’t know if tiny earthquakes cause this, or someone is purposely making them crooked to prove they’ve been cleaned. If I had one massive painting on each wall, then it wouldn’t be a problem. But I have photos and paintings specifically arranged. I plan the groupings out on the computer, measure with my Schaedler ruler (if you don’t own one, stop right now and buy one) and make sure everything is square with a level. This is not OCD.

Last weekend I was determined to solve the problem. Some people lie in bed awake at 3am wondering about a serious issue. I lie there trying to decide what adhesive will work best to fix the pictures in place. After much trial and error, Quake Hold Museum Putty works best. This is how to achieve perfectly square images that will always stay in place.

  1. Roll out a piece of the Quake Hold like a roll of dough
  2. Cut pieces off, about 1/8” each
  3. Roll these into little balls
  4. Affix the little Quake Hold balls to the bottom corners of the frame
  5. Use a small level to make sure the frame is correct, and push the bottom into the wall

Voila, you pictures will remain in place even when small children attempt to dislodge them. And when you want to remove them, give them a little pull, and they lift right off, no damage to the wall or frame. Then you will no longer be ashamed when you find a guest glancing at your wall.