Tootsie Wootsie Hoochee Koochee

I can't say I really dig Christmas movies. The whole Elf, Tim Allen Santa thing just makes me cranky. I will, however, watch Meet Me in St. Louis. It's not particularly Christmas themed, but it has nifty titles, technicolor, and a happy turn of the century setting. I don't quite understand the plot. It's a family, and the world's fair, St. Louis, and a possible move to New York. This is the part that I don't understand: The father gets a better job in New York, so the family needs to move. But everyone is so whiny and spoiled that he decides to forgo this amazing opportunity and stay in St. Louis.

That's not going to end well. They're all happy at the end of the movie, but a few years later when teenage rebellion kicks in there are going to be screaming matches. "I gave up the biggest chance of my life for you girls!" says the father, "F#*k You! F#*kface" screams the teenage daughter. The titles are nice though.