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I have no idea what this is about or means

Like most designers, I like going to other cities and observing the interesting vernacular typography of a region. I take my camera and intend to photograph the odd hand-painted signs in whatever city I’m visiting. I notice the closed sign at a barber shop in Omaha, or a truck with a hand-painted cow in Tulsa, or the sign on the side of a barbeque restaurant in Charlotte. When I am on the plane flying home, I find that I forgot to shoot these, and usually have only one or two images. They are not images of the interesting typography, but are usually the odd sign posted on a wall or in a window. I’d love to tie them together with an intellectual theme such as non-designer accidental design, or typographic mismanagement, but I can’t. They are just things I found that I liked.

On a wall in Philadelphia


Pittsburgh. Tony Danza?