Susanna Walker Design

Nicholas Longworth and Alice Roosevelt

Susanna Walker Design is a fictional design firm in Charlottesville, Virginia. The firm was created as an example for the course, Running a Design Business, Self Promotion. Rather than using examples of different designers' approaches to self promo, I decided to create a firm and show the life span and materials from its inception. This required not only the self promotional materials, but the content also.

Susanna Walker is a frequent name in my family history. They were all distant grandmothers and lived in the Piedmont or Charlottesville from 1736 until 1922. Susanna (Sukey) Thornton Walker was George Washington's and Meriwether Lewis' 1st cousin. Susannah Walker Henry White was married to John Henry, Patrick Henry's son. And most recently, Susan Walker Longworth was Alice Roosevelt's mother in law. 

Meriwether Partners Architects

Susanna Walker Identity

Susanna Walker 25th Anniversary Promotion