I'm Old Fashioned

Metropolitan Baseball Nine Team in 1882

I have a saying about students who refuse to listen to any criticism or advice, either from myself or other students, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't beat it to death once it's there." Unfortunately, like many of my sayings, this is out of date. I asked Nathan in my office if the tires on his car, which are very thin, make it seem like riding in a horse-drawn buggy. Noreen suggested that few people spend time riding in a buggy, that I was again, out of touch.

I was pleased that many of you, and a nice article for Fast Company liked my Complaint poster for the Wolfsonian, or as I prefer to call it, Hate in Salmon Pink. If you look closely, you'll find several cameo appearances in here: Kim Novak in Vertigo, Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, Truman Capote, the flight attendant from 2001, even some of my trendy neighbors in Los Feliz, or as I now call it, "BBB: Beards, Bangs, and Beanies."  Here again, I was told my cultural references were out of date.

Recently, however, I found some wonderful images of baseball teams for my guest bathroom. Yes, wrong time frame.

University of Michigan, baseball team, 1888

University of Michigan, baseball team, 1886

My mask of sanity is about to slip

One of the things I really hate

People often mistake me for a nice person.  Noreen tells me that she is constantly confronted with, "Oh, Sean is the nicest person I know." I'm actually a sociopath. At a lecture in Dallas ten years ago, during the Q+A, someone said, "You remind me of the guy in American Psycho." How right they were. When Steven Heller asked me to design a poster for the Complaints exhibition at the Wolfsonian, I was chomping at the bit. There were so many things I hated. I couldn't decide which I despised more: walking slowly four abreast, stopping at the top of the escalator, hipsters, children in matching outfits, guys who shave nude at the gym, or salespeople touching me. The list kept going. So I did all of them. They are quite varied and point to my rage issues. The commonality is that I would like to kill each culprit slowly with a butter knife. Golly, I guess that's not too nice.

Adams_Complaint_01.02americanpsycho2 yacht tenure tables spacenitwithappy greetings facial-hair escalator children

One of the things I really hate

salespeople photo nude hipsters bunny