Return of the Color

Almost ten years ago, Terry Lee Stone and I wrote the Color Design Workbook. Since then, it's remained a best seller in the graphic design category ( I hate saying that. It sounds like a facebook post from too many people that are more interested in themselves than others). But, it's about numbers. Last year, Judith Cressy contacted me and asked if I'd like to do an updated new edition. Uh, yes, please. 

I had a great time finding new work to illustrate some of the points made. I love when I have the chance to highlight work from designers who aren't published all the time (yet). I'm so pleased with this book. It gives real information (thank you Terry Lee Stone) about color in design. Hopefully, it will lead to a reduced terror of color. As I've said so many time, "No two colors dislike each other. The only crime is to be timid."