Schralped Fetus Donut Shop Siren

A few months ago Joe Marsh asked me to contribute a skateboard deck design for AIGA Colorado’s Bordo Bello. Bordo Bello is a skateboard art charity fundraiser. If you’re in Denver, check out the opening on September 30.

As Noreen said to me, “You? You? Why would they ask you? You’re so square.” Noreen may know what she is talking about. She infamously shocked the English judges at the British D+AD judging when she snatched up a skateboard from the industrial design table, and rode it around the room. I wouldn’t do that. I’m not that cool.

Since I’m square, I don’t need to worry about doing something groovy. I love skate slang. I don’t use it in meetings, as in, “Dude, that logo is so off the hook. Gnarly.” But, this gave me the perfect opportunity to combine my love of skate slang, and late 60s chain restaurant typography ala Farrell’s. I suggested adding people in red Victorian vests running around with the skateboard decks while a siren wailed, but the kind people at AIGA Colorado politely said no.