A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

I never know which posts will actually be read by anyone. I’m sure only 4 people a day go to the blog, but oddly, it gets a good deal of traffic. Our last post on filthy record covers had almost 2,000 unique visitors. I know what it must be like to try to program a network. Certain subjects that I’m sure will be a big hit fall flat. The Polish posters were incredible, but perhaps they’ve gotten too much airtime elsewhere. That post tanked. Any “It’s a Small World” post does well, and the highest ratings go to anything related to gossip. To date, the outfits at the AIGA Gala is the highest rated post. I guess that is why Us magazine sells better than the Utne Reader.

If I were to think like a network executive, I would look for past hits and try to repeat them. But my mind is a sieve and I don’t want to be a slave to ratings. Today, however, I will capitalize on the success of Monday’s post, The Sweet Sounds of Filth. Also, my good friend, Clive Piercy, sent me some of his favorite covers from his own collection. These clearly point to Clive's disturbed state of mind. He has, however, proven that Stefan Bucher is indeed a musical star in Germany.

Having images sent to me by others makes my job easier. I'm glad to post them if they work. And as I’ve said before, “Take credit, deny everything, blame others.”