Things to learn to do, and one thing you should never do

garden_cover   Something Sean and I have in common is our appreciation for craft and home improvement books from the 60s and 70s. Recently, I was excited to find (and promptly steal), Sunset's "Garden Art & Decoration" from my father's house. I brought it into the office to share and Sean realized he had another from the same series, "Interior Art & Decoration." What's so amazing about these books are the range of projects, from simple to complex, that still somehow look contemporary. I would love to make mobiles, wall hangings and the like for my house. And, if etsy is any indication, I'm not alone.

Below are a few of my favorites from these two books, and one particularly disturbing project that uses pink fiber glass insulation to create a "cloud" for cherub angels. I would suggest Sunset removes that one if they ever do a reprint!




DON'T try this at home