Paul Rand Migraine

Continental Airlines, Hawaii poster

On Wednesday I did a panel discussion with Louise Sandhaus and Michael Carabetta about Paul Rand. It was lively and the audience was full of great stories, strong opinions, and well dressed designers. Unfortunately I had the most horrific migraine and had to try to appear upbeat. Now some of you may say, "Just be yourself, everyone would understand." But a photo of Louise and Michael cheerfully discussing a Rand book cover while I stare into space vacantly won't translate well on facebook. 

As a result, I left as soon as the event finished and didn't have a chance to say hello to many people in the room who I really like. I'm sure they saw me hurry out and though, "What an asshole diva." And...

Following up with a post about Paul Rand is rather pointless. It's amazing, but he gets more coverage online than funny cat videos. So I end this week with simply the cool stuff I found or like, and one Paul Rand.