Paper Pornography

Remember a few years ago when everyone in the world was certain print was dead and young people lived to design websites? Oddly, it didn’t turn out that way. A couple of weeks ago, my friend, Chris Harrold, visited with a box of incredible treasures. Mohawk Paper has the Strathmore Archives and Chris brought some of the most interesting projects. I considered mugging Chris and taking the work, but he knows me and where I live. And that’s not ethical (so I’m told).

I asked him to stop by the Archetype Press at Art Center to show some of my students and typography master, Gloria Kondrup. It was paper porn and the students were mesmerized. If you recall, these were the people who were supposed to swoon over websites. So, you see, people still appreciate the subtle color or finish of a paper stock. Even young people, who as Mr. Hand points out, “are all on dope.”