Riding the Rails

Herman Miller Metaform System

Raw space, 1111 South Arroyo Parkway

I've begun to believe that if you're on the wrong train on the wrong track, things just don't seem to work. But when you're heading the right way, everything falls into place. It's been this way with the ArtCenter Graphic Design Graduate Program (MGx). It's a challenge and never easy, but the process to launch in Fall 2016 has been remarkably smooth. With the help of Chris Hacker, last week, we met with the folks at Herman Miller who have agreed to partner with us on the space. Just another hint that this is the right direction.

The program will be house in the 1111 Building in Pasadena, just across the tracks (see the train metaphor) from the ArtCenter Wind Tunnel. From the outside it looks like a perfectly normal office building, but the interior is fantastic raw space. The open space on the MGx and Gx floor goes on forever with amazing light and views. You could put a roller rink in there. 

Herman Miller is working with us to use the space as a case study with the new Metaform system. The system is entirely modular. The pieces can be rearranged and rebuilt in minutes. A student could create a space to work alone, and quickly pick up the pieces to make a group workspace. I know we'll see some amazing hacks. The system even has pieces to use with 3d printed custom elements. I'm jealous of the students who get to work with Metaform.

I intend to use the 3d printer to add garden gnomes.