Where's My Grid Dude?

When I was in Berlin, I loved that people waited at the crosswalk until the light turned green, waited in line politely, and exited the S-Bahn correctly. There were no people shoving to get in before everyone exited, nobody ran across a busy street ignoring oncoming traffic, or tried to get past you in the line at the grocery store. I like order.

Order is good for many things. But too much of it can be cold, as in intimate situations, "No, not that yet. We are still on the schedule for you doing this." Josef Müller-Brockmann managed order without the chilly part. His posters and publications are mathematically precise, but that creates harmony. Müller-Brockmann also was a master at scale. Not only are the elements placed precisely, but the scale of the pieces relate to each other just as orderly.

Of course, many people think of Josef Müller-Brockmann as the grid dude. And yes, he was indeed the grid dude. But if that were his only skill, we would be left with a range of work from A-B. Instead, each piece is it's own unique masterpiece.