Playing with your poodle

Pat Prichard handkerchief, poodle and hot air balloon

There are some blogs that are so smart and intellectual. I read them and think, "boy, maybe I should focus on something that sounds really smart. Like deconstructing the history of the internet." But then I come across something wonderful. I'm easily distracted by the shiny object. Today, I found something incredible. I've talked about Pat Prichard on here before. She was an amazing illustrator who left her mark on handkerchiefs, dish towels, dinnerware, and other textiles. I'm an avid fan. Going through a box of textiles today, I came across a collection of Pat Prichard materials. How can I talk about deconstruction when I am faced with a handkerchief of poodles in hot air balloons. Genius. I do question the sanity of the creator. How do you get there? Do you sit at your desk and think, "Gee, I like poodles. And I really like hot air balloons. What if I put them together?" Maybe it's a French poodle, French hot air balloon combination. Whatever the process, it resulted in a joyous and playful object. Now if I only had wallpaper like this.

Pat Prichard handkerchief, poodles and hot air balloons

Love the Dish Towel! Love it!

Missouri Queen Riverboat, Pat Prichard

Several years ago, I came across a fantastic dish-towel. This sounds sort of sad; like I live a small life and get excited by a dish-towel. But you will love this one. That's an order. Love it. The signature reads. “Pat Prichard,” who also designed dinnerware, handkerchiefs, and other assorted textiles. We had high hopes of writing a book about her work, but have been unable to find any information. The artifacts were created during the 1950s and 1960s and reflect the values and undercurrents of the era. Her choice of places as subject matter is interesting; they typically follow a idealized Americana. This depiction of the Mississippi and New Orleans tells the story with the Missouri Queen and Robert E. Lee Steamboats, a pot of shrimps creole, a banjo, chicken, and fried chicken ingredients.

Fried Chicken, Pat Prichard

Banjo, Pat Prichard

Shrimps Creole, Pat Prichard