Feelin' Groovy

There is nothing groovier to me than square, squeaky clean people who are trying to be “down and groovy.” The Kids of the Kingdom, and The New Establishment were musical groups at Disneyland’s Tomorrowland in 1968. And boy, are they square. They make me look like Neil Young. But, because they are trying to be “with it” and “cool” they become truly groovy.

As designers, we’re all taught to stay ahead of the popular culture curve. When I was in school, we spent quite a bit of time and energy being “cool” and cutting-edge. Years later, when Noreen and I started AdamsMorioka, I let go of trying to stay ahead of the hip curve. It was a great relief to not have to try to be cool anymore. I admire the performers in The New Establishment and The Kids of the Kingdom. They probably played some big hits like, Up, Up, and Away, Cherish, and Windy, and then went out with their friends convinced they were the hippest people at a night-club, or they really knew how to groove and everyone else was just plain un-cool.