When More is Not Enough

You know how teachers are always saying, "I love teaching, the students teach me as much as I teach them."? It's true. Yes, in a high-falutin' idealistic way, but usually in odd and unexpected knowledge. This week, I learned that raping an old person is called "grape" after "grandparent rape". I learned that I could turn off that annoying double click isolate feature in Illustrator. And I learned the worse thing a young man can say to a woman is, "Make me a sandwich." I don't know why. I'd be happy to make someone a sandwich, it doesn't seem that egregious.

The absolute most exciting piece of information was lingscars.com. My students in Type Design 5 found it for me. I'm sure I'm behind the curve on this one. Everyone already probably knows about it, but humor a square designer who spends time looking at the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs collection. Lingscars.com is the most incredible website ever designed. It has everything from singing people, a Darth Vader mask, a walking chicken, and flight attendants doing a safety demo. If that isn't enough, the code is genius.