OMG, He's Like Totally Dead

At one point this weekend, I found myself watching part of the 1980s movie Less Than Zero. I had forgotten how truly awful it was. I remember when it was released; everyone I know said, “that was lame.” And it was. Okay, I was there in real life. Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Palm Springs in the early 80s were nothing like the movie. If those people showed up at a party wearing the terrible Miami Vice suits, they would be beaten. And the music? Yeah, we were all listening to heavy metal. No.

Now the movie that got it right is Valley Girl. I know it may sound crazy, and you may be saying, “Are you out of your mind?” But it’s a good movie. Really. The punks at the club in Hollywood were actual CalArts art students and real-life punks. The valley party happened at a friend’s house that really is in the Valley. The music was exactly right. Believe me, we were far more interested in listening to the Plimsouls than the faux heavy metal of Less Than Zero. And the clothes, beside the lead character’s hapless attempt at reality, were right. However, I will suggest watching Less Than Zero, just to see Jamie Gertz say, “OMG,” when Robert Downey, Jr.’s character dies (sorry for the spoiler).

Friends Don't Let Friends Eat Cake and Drive

I was told years ago, that you’re an alcoholic if you do these things:

1. Drink alone

2. Drink to solve your problems

3. Have more than two drinks each night

I know I’m not an alcoholic because:

1. Drink alone: uh, yeah, of course. You can’t wait until bunches of people are around.

2. Drink to solve your problems: why else would you drink?

3. Have more than two drinks each night: I don’t. I have a big Thermo-ware mug, sort of Big Gulp size.

My great friend Terry Lee Stone just wrote a cookbook with Krystina Castella, Booze Cakes. My response to this book did alarm me a little bit. Terry explained that much of the alcohol is baked out when you cook the cake, but the frosting would still have 100% of the alcohol. I don’t particularly like cake, but I immediately wanted to know if I could make a white cake with a cream frosting and maintain the alcohol level. “We should have a booze cake party,” I told Terry. It now occurred to me that I would probably like the cakes in Terry’s book. I also thought this would be a great gift to bring when invited to dinner. Some of the recipes look great, such as the Tequila Sunrise Cake. I usually stay away from tequila. It makes me do bad things like knock off 7-11s. But I’m all for this version. And I’m sure it won’t end up like The Days of Wine and Roses, or Less Than Zero. I can hold my cake.