Airing the old laundry

Noreen Morioka, Sean Adams, the Peoplemover, Tomorrowland

Many people ask how Noreen and I met. I like to tell them it was in prison, but that’s not true. We met in school, at CalArts. We went our separate ways after we graduated, Noreen to Tokyo, and I went to New York. At the end of 1993, we were sitting on the Peoplemover in Tomorrowland and decided that rather than complaining about design, we should step up and have our own firm. Much of that work was documented with transparencies and hasn’t been published for over a decade. So we decided to drag the pieces out of the archives and give them some air for awhile; even if they are a little dated.

Getty Research Institute for the History of Art and the Humanities

Our first postcard, some were sent back with added drawings

SCI-Arc Building in Los Angeles, 1994

Wired magazine

SCI-Arc Spring Lecture Series

Poster, LA Louver Gallery