Knife in Water

Here are two things I don't know: how to speak Polish, and how to code a full screen video image run behind the content on a website. I probably won't learn Polish. But I am determined to solve the video issue. I'm sure anyone under thirty, or any tech smart people are already saying, "That's like way easy." The website for Nowy Teatr in Poland does this and is a joy to explore. The site, designed by Huncwot, a remarkable agency in Warsaw could be the trickiest site in the world. The content leans toward the avant-garde, but the site's design remains consistently concrete and provides gravity. The minimal typography and restraint is piercing. The full screen moving imagery could be obtrusive, but it's hypnotic. If you ask me, the people at Nowy Teatr and Huncwot should be pretty darn proud. The site was the talk of the school last week at Art Center, and left me, a complete philistine, thousands of miles away, speaking only SoCal english, awed.

Nowy Teatr, Huncwot, Warsaw