Graphic Photos

Karen Knecht, 14th Birthday 1980s Skating Party

Last year, Stefan Bucher asked me for  images for his upcoming book. But he didn’t want images of one of our latest projects, he asked for personal photographs. It was a nice surprise. A couple of weeks ago, the actual book arrived. The Graphic Eye is a collection of photographs by designers. You might expect the following: photographs of signs, typography, and clever door knobs. Unexpectedly, the collection of images is vast and diverse. There are a few signs and images of type, but most of the images are incredibly personal, and truly beautiful. The images by designers are observational. This isn’t surprising. As designers, we deconstruct and watch the world.

Karen Knecht’s image, 14th Birthday 1980s Skating Party catches a moment that has an amazing overtone of contradiction and possibilities. I love that Paul White’s image, Tom & Jeff in Las Vegas takes on a heavenly approach, as if God were watching Las Vegas while wearing a stylish bold patterned shirt. Marian Bantjes’ Hotel Rooms as a series collapses time and global travel into that singular moment we all experience when we open that hotel room door for the first time. Stefan Bucher’s images of airplane wings are not about travel, but about the private space we occupy when looking out that window at the vastness of the world.

Paul White, Tom & Jeff in Las Vegas

Marian Bantjes, Hotel Rooms

Stefan Bucher, Unknown Wing

Sean Adams, Hopelessness (Cheery, I know)