Dizzy in Toronto


I was going through some old images in the archives, and came across a piece I had forgotten entirely. It is a booklet for a lecture I gave in Toronto over a decade ago. On this trip, I managed to land in Toronto feeling sick. It wasn’t Toronto that caused the sickness, but probably by touching something a sick child had touched. There is nothing worse than being ill away from home except being ill, away from home, and scheduled to speak.

I managed to do the lecture without passing out. I was convinced I would recreate the Janet Reno passing out on stage, or the President Bush (1) throwing up on-stage in Japan episodes. But I held onto the podium as I spoke and maintained my composure.

My great friend, Diti Katona, who is the most amazing designer, was incredibly kind to me, making sure I was okay and taking me to the airport. I didn’t want to pass out at the airport. I have no idea what happens if you have insurance in the United States, but are in Canada with socialized medicine. So I refused to sit down, and continued walking around the terminal for an hour and a half before my flight. Security looked at me oddly after I passed the same guard 5 times. Oddly, I felt fine by the time we landed and decided it was just stage fright. Which is weird because I could care less normally and will shove someone else aside to get on stage.