The Ugly Mug Ball

One of my hot buttons (and there are many) is an errant mug in the studio. I despise having a shelf of mismatched coffee mugs. We allow a set of white mugs, and a set of our own “Fish and Ships” mugs. Every so often, though, a bad one gets through. I don’t care if it’s somebody’s treasured favorite mug they received for their 30th birthday from a sickly relative. The mismatched mug will go in the trash. A shelf of mismatched mugs is like having macaroni and cheese and cereal boxes on top of a refrigerator. It’s wrong, and needs correction. It points to a lack of rigid organization and is unforgivable.

Why are there so many hideous mugs in the world? There is no shortage of ugly furniture or art, but the diversity of ugliness in mug design is remarkable. How did these ugly mugs get produced? Who bought them? Where would you even buy a Strawberry Shortcake mug? I’ve never seen one in a store. Is this like communism in the 1950s, secretly and slowly infiltrating our society? The lesson here is to be vigilant and relentless in our commitment to good mugs.