My Suite Life

Since I live in Los Angeles, I don’t have the opportunity to stay at the Disneyland Hotel. The unique aspect of the Disneyland Hotel is that it lacks a theme. Other Disney hotels, Disney’s Grand Californian, Disney’s Yacht Club, etc. have clear themes. The Polynesian Resort is, indeed, Polynesian. Disneyland Hotel is only about Disneyland. This makes good sense to me, since that is where you are staying. Over the years, the hotel has changed. It’s been expanded, and updated, and modified. I didn’t notice that the building had changed until it was pointed out to me. Of course, it’s been changed from something that someone thought was out of date, to an aesthetic that is about taste and high quality.

Surprisingly, I wish it had stayed the same. The old sign was a true thing of beauty. I loved the classic 1960s contemporary interiors. For a few moments, Noreen and I toyed with the idea of moving our office to the Plaza building. But, it would have been a long commute. And we would spend more time sitting on park benches on Main Street eating popcorn, than designing.