Not Just For Some

For years, people told me, “You’d love Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice.” I didn’t think so. I really wasn’t particularly interested in swinging couples. But, I rented it from Netflix and did, indeed, love it. Yes, it’s groovy and hip. It has a great cast, Natalie Wood, Elliott Gould, Robert Culp, and Dyan Cannon (who looks remarkably like Tori Spelling). Here’s the plot briefly: two couples discover marijuana and swinging. It’s obviously much more complex and talks about marriage, life in 1969 Los Angeles, and mid-life crisis. It’s the end of the movie that makes it a true masterpiece. Without reason, everyone in a Las Vegas casino goes outside and makes personal, not sexual, contact with each other, with Jackie DeShannon singing What The World Needs Now is Love. I know this was particularly relevant in 1970. As corny as it seems, every time I see this I think the same is true today.