And So Does Gertrude Stein

One of the downsides of living in Los Angles is that we all recognize most locations on television or older movies. It is especially jolting when it’s wrong. For example, on Brothers and Sisters, Kitty Walker lives in Santa Barbara and pops over to visit her mother in San Marino. This is a 2-3 hour drive depending on traffic. Some of my best friends live in Westwood, not that far from me. Nevertheless, it takes planning to visit them. I’m told repeatedly, “Sean, it’s a television show.” It doesn’t change the fact this makes no sense.

I have a friend who just moved into an office on Sunset Boulevard. Harold (Peter Sellers) worked in the same building in the movie, I Love You Alice B. Toklas. Now, when I see him, I tell him this, repeatedly. He usually says, "Yeah, you told me." I urge him to see the movie, but he won't. It’s worth seeing. Leigh Taylor Young plays a very groovy hippie who helps transform Peter Sellers. He’s square, and then he’s groovy too. They paint his Lincoln Continental with flowers and "Love".

I’m not particularly keen on the drug use; I’m square too. But I'll excuse it because it's funny. Leigh Taylor Young is unbelievably beautiful and works in a psychedelic dress shop. Transvestites and hippes buy short hippie summer dresses there. I know where this dress shop is too. I like the narration of the trailer including puns such as “Pour it into the pot. Any old pot will do,” and “You’re switched on.”