Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out, Make It Pink

I did a video interview for Mig Reyes today. He asked me to say a few words about myself so I said, “I’m a partner at AdamsMorioka with Noreen Morioka….” Then I added, sarcastically, “It’s a great place, we play the Beach Boys all the time and people are dancing on their desks.” Unfortunately, this didn’t come off as sarcasm, but as psycho. The only other option I could think of was that we like hot colors. But that seemed shallow as opposed to the deep and insightful Beach Boys comment.

While pondering this, I looked in the basket on my desk and saw this great notepad. “Oh, pink and red,” I thought and was quickly distracted. This is a notepad that I’m guessing was made around 1970 by Hallmark. Why is the world currently scared of hot pink and orange? I think it’s miraculous. It’s sort of LSD trip for the mainstream. The avocado green paper on the inside makes it even more wonderful. And if this isn’t enough content, I’ve added a page with my grandmother’s recipe for an apricot peach soufflé.