A Box of Wonderful

I love these Photo Cubes. They are very bossy. “Pull, pull, pull” they read on almost every panel. Pull what? I can’t figure out what needs pulling (there’s a joke in there somewhere). These are the original photos included with the photo cubes. I don’t have the following people in my family: the girl with the devil doll collection, the woman mesmerized by the ship model, the woman who has never seen a piano jewelry box, or the odd trio (clearly an alternative arrangement) with matching knit-wear.

It’s a smart idea, though. I’ve often come back to the idea of an image cube when thinking about a 3-dimensional promotion. Then I look in my plastic box of favorite things, and say, “Oh, they already exist.” I also love Isamu Noguchi’s Red Cube sculpture from 1968 at 140 Broadway in New York. I wonder, would it have been better as a giant photo cube with the mesmerized woman and ship model?