Little things mean the most

Samuel Jackson, Blake Little Photographer

This is how it usually goes down: I’m asked to speak somewhere. I send my bio and headshot. I am greeted at the conference by the organizer who has a look of horror on his or her face. Why does this happen, you ask? It’s because there is a huge disconnect between my headshot and the reality. This is the problem when you ask one of the best photographers in the industry to shoot you. Blake Little has made a long and successful career photographing entertainment and sports celebrities. He makes everyone look amazing and unique. Last week, I had a new headshot made. Primarily because that look of terror on people’s faces was increasing, as I was five years younger in the last headshot. And for those of you who still ask how I get my hair this color, I don’t. It happens by itself. Without the help of Gill Hodgson (Mick Hodgson of Ph.D’s wife) at Taboo Hair Care, it would be a wacky, crazy, wavy mess. So here’s the secret: get a haircut by one of the best people in town, have your photograph made by a famous celebrity photographer, and retouch the hell out of it.

Mischa Barton, Blake Little Photographer

Aaron Eckhart, Blake Little Photographer

Vince Vaughn, Blake Little Photographer

Sean Adams with major retouching, Blake Little Photographer

Sean Adams, no retouching, no good lighting, no celebrity photographer