In My Own Backyard

This won’t come as much of a surprise, but my favorite part of EPCOT is the American Pavilion. I especially like the hall of flags with historical American flags. A couple of years ago, I had a flagpole installed in the yard. I think the idea terrified my landscape designer who repeatedly suggested moving it to the side. But a flagpole needs to be dead center on the lawn. My office has given me flags as gifts and I rotate them. I love the Gadsden flag (the yellow Don’t Tread on Me flag), but I can’t fly it any more. Since its been appropriated for current political issues, I’d rather not use it now.

This gave me a good reason to buy some new flags. The Commodore Perry “Don’t Give Up the Ship” flag has wonderful typography. Of course, everyone should have a Betsy Ross 13 star flag, and I needed the Culpeper Minute Men flag as many relatives served under it. I’m desperate for a 48 star flag. Not because I hate Hawaii and Alaska, but because the stars fit so neatly in rows. My next step is to buy some nautical flags and spell out dirty words.