In Praise of Madras

Today it finally warmed up. It’s been awhile since the temperature was in the mid 80s, and it gave me the chance to break out the madras shirts. Some of you know how great this feels, others think I should be more adventurous, and others may be asking, “Just what is madras?” Madras is a soft and lightweight fabric with a plaid design. The fabric is named after Chennai, India (Madras under British rule). This is where madras was born as a fabric to breathe in the hot and humid Indian climate. Madras is not just a plaid pattern. It gets softer and fades with each wash. I can’t imagine wearing anything different when it’s warm.

I will draw the line at madras shorts and blazers. The blazer is fine if your 12, but adult men wearing them just look desperate. And the shorts are fine if you are under 25 and shop at Abercrombie. Otherwise, no, it looks dumb. Yes, I have many rules. It makes my life work. However, feel free to buy madras shirts, ties, or if you are female, dresses.

I have one problem that is my boxer shorts. This may be revealing, but I prefer plaid. Unfortunately, this makes changing in the gym problematic when I’m wearing a madras shirt. The combination of shirt and boxers gives the impression that I’m somehow obsessed or trying to match. When I throw in the madras handkerchiefs, I’m inclined to lean toward obsession. What kind of psycho would try and match all of his or her madras?

Madras blazer, Rogues Gallery, no if over 12