Lazy, Crazy, Hazy

Laziness is a common theme with most of the successful people I know. I’ve talked with some of the best-known designers, who have endless energy and are always tackling something. They all think they are lazy. Of course, that can’t be true, these are people who are propelling the profession forward with new ideas, volunteerism, and new technologies. I, on the other hand, am actually lazy. Knowing this, I keep myself busy. I’m always on alert for any lazy thinking. If I feel like waiting to do something, I don’t. I take on that task right then. If I feel like sitting on the sofa and watching television on a Sunday afternoon, I get up and work in the garden.

When I run out of things to do, I can turn to our collection of Sunset Books. There are endless ideas to keep me busy. One of my favorite objects is a driftwood hanging my grandmother made. She collected the driftwood on a trip up the Pacific coast and used an idea in one of the Sunset Books to create the hanging. This is a good example of fighting the lazy temptation of sitting on a beach.