The Bucket List

Right now, my Trans-media class at Art Center is working on a rebranding of Kentucky Fried Chicken. You may say, “That’s dumb.” It’s actually a complicated issue. First, there is the name issue. It used to be Kentucky Fried Chicken, then the “Fried” thing was scary, so it became KFC. Unfortunately, an untrue rumor was spread that claimed it was called KFC because they couldn’t legally say "Chicken" due to the extreme genetic engineering. So the brand sits in a nebulous territory. There’s also an ethical issue that students need to face regarding fast food’s production, distribution, and nutrition.

The complex issues aside, I’ve decided that a chicken bucket is a wonderful thing. I’d eat fried chicken every day for the rest of my life if it wouldn’t kill me, or turn me into someone that needed to be fed in bed and turned over with an oar. The old chicken buckets don’t shy away from information. The new buckets scream, “Brand, brand, brand.” I like information. It makes sense to do the giant “brand” design on something like a shopping bag. People carry it around and it becomes a billboard. This isn’t the case with fried chicken. I don’t see many people walking around malls with red fried chicken buckets.

Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket, 2000s