The Award Awards 2

AIGA 1962

A few months ago, I posted some of the remarkable awards Lou Danziger gave me. We’ve considered framing them and putting them on our conference wall. It would look very impressive. But, a potential client might not understand how we won an award in 1962. A young woman, who was showing Noreen her portfolio, asked her if her father had started AdamsMorioka with me. So I guess I could pass for winning these, and Noreen could be the younger daughter of my original business partner.

I’ve always thought it was somewhat cheesy to have a wall of awards. We like to take the stance of, “We won’t boast.” We put our awards in a filing cabinet somewhere. If they were as beautiful as Lou’s was, though, I’d pull them up and fill a wall. Or maybe I’ll just use Lou’s and place them too high to read clearly.

AIGA 1970

AIGA Membership

Art Director's Club of Chicago

CA 1963

Art Directors Club of Los Angeles

Art Directors Club of Los Angeles, 1956

Art Directors Club of Los Angeles

New York Art Directors Club 1960