By George

Holiday magazine cover, George Giusti, 1965

Learning to make imagery is a primary objective for my first term class at Art Center. Since we live in a world flooded with photography, most students immediately jump to making images with a camera for every solution. If someone is one heck of a cracker-jack photographer, this might, and mean might, be okay. But trying to shoot a image of a close-up of the face of an angry bull is a bad idea, unless you are an experienced matador. Finding a new way to make images with different media results in forms far more interesting and unique than a snapshot for every assignment.

One of my favorite designers who made remarkable unique images is George Giusti. Giusti emigrated to the United States in 1938. He introduced a form of international style modernism injected with Italian exuberance. His solutions are playful, optimistic, and concise. He was a master of mixed media and intense color combinations. While other designers of his generation maintained a rigid and sterile approach to Bauhaus modernism, Giusti worked with broad strokes and eclectic colors. The lesson here, then, is to be playful and explore different media. And to avoid photographing possibly fatal subject matter.

Fortune magazine

Holiday magazine cover, 1967

Interiors magazine, 1952

Graphis 87

Holiday magazine, 1964

Graphis 78


CA Magazine 1965