Look Back In Anger

Troubletown, 1998, Lloyd Dangle

"You seem very angry," said the fuzzy warm-hearted hippie friend of my parents. I was 15 and we were sitting on the lawn. She was wearing a Stevie Nicks gypsy skirt get-up and was very mellow. I was 15, hated my parents' hippie friends, was convinced they were all pot-heads and slackers, and wanted to tell them to face reality, get a haircut and a job. Since I was 15, I was also angry. Most 15 year old teenagers are, as a rule, at least impatient and cranky. So I didn't think this woman was making a big empathetic leap to suggest I might not be as carefree as a butterfly in the wind. This made me even more angry.

I found this Troubletown comic by Lloyd Dangle folded in an old Filofax. Yes, I'm that old. I had a Filofax. This comic sums up many of my anger issues. I especially enjoy the "Family Pet Rage." Those damned lazy goldfish, refusing to learn tricks. Of course if you don't agree with me, I'm going to be very, very angry.