How to do good layout

Cover design options, Create magazine

A few  months ago, we were asked to look at a new magazine. Our good friend Tom Biederbeck was the editor, and a pleasure to work with. We solved the problem of the interior fairly quickly. The work would be prominent, colorful, and take center stage. The graphic language would be 2 color, minimal and extremely rigid. The headline font would change for each issue, using a recently designed typeface. I need to credit Marian Bantjes for some of the great thinking. I’ve found the cover design of a magazine to often be the political lightening rod of a project. We played with a variety of logos and cover layouts, and at one point suggested using portraits of a designer featured in each issue, ala Vanity Fair. Unfortunately, try as we might, none of us are George Clooney or Angelina Jolie

Feature design, Create magazine

Feature design, alternate headline font

Feature spread, alternate headline font

Feature spread

Cover design option

Cover design option

Cover design option, giant sell-lines

Cover design option, Michael Vanderbyl

Cover design option, Noreen Morioka, Marian Bantjes

Cover design option, Sean Adams, image by Blake Little

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