Wallpaper Your World

Sailing Wallpaper A few months ago, I decided I needed some nautical wallpaper for one of my bathrooms. I couldn’t find any that fit the bill and had some semblance of being eco-friendly. So, we decided to make our own. Now we're in the process of designing and researching manufacturing. Once I finished designing the bathroom wallpaper, I moved on to the kitchen and living room options. There is a scene from On a Clear Day You Can See Forever that I’ve considered as we designed these. Barbra Streisand has nightgowns that match her sheets, and wall-paper, which matches the sheets. It’s all very matchy. But I’ve always wondered, does she have multiples of the nightgown in the sheet or wallpaper patterns? Does she ever wash it? What if she needs a new one and can’t find a match? Hopefully when we actually make this, we won't make matching pajamas and nightgowns.

Sailing Wallpaper Detail

Pots and Pans Wallpaper

Pots and Pan Wallpaper Detail

Street Scene Wallpaper Detail

On a Clear Day You Can See Forever