Change is bad

Heywood-Wakefield dining set: whalebone table, dog-bone chairs, 1956

I don’t like change. I like to eat at the same restaurants, wear the same style, and follow a set routine. Last week I realized it was time to buy a new sofa. As a designer, I should be adept at a task like this. My furniture habits, however, follow my rule about change: don’t do it, stick to the tried and true. I’m still grappling with the sofa issue, and I can only thank the gods that I don’t need a new dining set. I’ve had the same set for over a decade. It’s a Heywood-Wakefield set designed in 1956. The table is described as a whalebone style because of the shape of its legs. The chairs are called dog-bone style for the shape of the cutout. I love that. Since I liked the dining set, it made sense to stick with Heywood-Wakefield across the board. We had Wakefield at the ranch and it reminds me of simple western living. I could continue talking about the elegant forms and good quality, but the reality is that I like it and would be clueless if I were forced to buy something new.

Heywood-Wakefield Sculptura dresser, 1953

Heywood-Wakefield Aristocraft arm chair, 1954

Heywood-Wakefield Encore bed and night stand, 1958

Heywood-Wakefield Kohinoor night stand, 1949

Heywood-Wakefield ad