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The Danger of Beauty

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Niece Izabelle Adams

I’ve been working on a lecture for the AIGA Pivot Conference in Phoenix this week. I’m scheduled to talk about the history of AIGA, which is kind of like a lecture about the history of the United Auto Workers. So I’m working doubly hard to find great images. And now I have them. Charles Dana Gibson was one of the founders in 1914. Charles Dana Gibson is know for creating the “Gibson” girl. He based this illustration on my grandmother’s great-cousin Irene, who was his wife.

This led me to think about all the amazing stories I’ve heard about the women in my family. For instance, one of the earliest distant grandmothers to come to America was Cicely Reynolds, who arrived in 1610 abroad the Swan when she was 14. She was married five times and is credited as bringing “flirting” to the new world. There seems to be a very strong gene that runs along the maternal line. The women all look alike, going back generations. They all seem to be rather intelligent and witty, and dangerously beautiful. Since this is my blog, I can indulge myself and talk about this.

The latest addition is my niece Izabelle. She’s only thirteen, but 5’9” and beautiful. I’ve recommended that my brother and sister-in-law build a closet model on the closet in Carrie, but they are too nice. Like generations before, she will likely break many hearts.

My mother, Sylvia Adams Thomson

Grandma Janice Anne Booker Flint

Sister Heather Adams

Aunt Barbara De' Artez

My mother

Cousin Anne Moen Bullitt

CousinNancy Lancaster

Cousin Amelie Rives Chanler Troubestkoy

Cousin Sarah Landon Rives

Cousin Nancy Witcher Langhorne (Lady Astor)

Cousin Ellen Lewis Herndon Arthur (Pres. Chester Arthur's wife)

Gibson Girl, Irene Langhorne Gibson

Great Aunt Sally Cary Fairfax (President Washington's great love)