Coats and Cars

Madeline Kahn's Louis Vuitton car, High Anxiety

Sonia Delauney and her hilarious Citroen

Unlike many men, I am able to think about more than one thing at a time. Well, not really at the same time, but one thought quickly follows another. Unfortunately, my dual thinking ability frequently puts the wrong things together. For example, I was explaining Sonia Delauney’s work recently, and I immediately jumped to Madeline Kahn’s car in High Anxiety. If you haven’t seen High Anxiety, Madeline Kahn’s Cadillac matches her Louis Vuitton jumpsuit. The car is covered in the same Louis Vuitton pattern. Of course it’s a sight gag. But why was Sonia Delauney’s matching coat and Citroen not funny? I know it’s not supposed to be funny because I was asked to stop laughing in Modern Art when I saw the Delauney Citroen at school.

Perhaps Delauney planned her matching coat and car as a sight gag, also. She expected great outbursts of laughter and applause, but was met with serious contemplation and intellectual deconstruction. We all need to feel the sorrow and tragedy of Delauney’s failed career as a comedian.

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One Response to “Coats and Cars”

  1. Dunstan Says:

    I’m pretty sure that it’s just the passage of time that makes the Delauney photo less hilarious. Anything from a far away era automatically possesses more weight because it’s so obviously historical. Madeline Kahn reads as funny instantly (as long as you are near 40 or older.)