Pocket Pal

The Cute As A Button Doll: Fit's in your hand or pocket

The Cute As A Button Doll: Fit's in your hand or pocket

I know these Cute as Button dolls are supposed to be super cute, but I find them rather disturbing. I can’t decide if they are supposed to be premature babies, or fetuses. I don’t like either idea. One of the designers at AdamsMorioka left a direct mail card for these dolls on my desk. Either they think I’ll buy them one, or I have a special love for cute dolls. Neither of these options are possible, and both options scare me. The card tells me that these dolls are not toys, but are fine collectible to be enjoyed by adults. Yes, disturbing. The card also tells me that the dolls “Are Sweet as You Please.” That’s like telling someone, “You’re just as cute as you can be.” The subtext here being, “You’re not very cute.” This line also sounds vaguely like the tagline of a slasher movie: Fetus Doll, Sweet as You Please. This may sound judgemental, and I’m glad someone is probably loving one of these dolls right now. The first movie I ever saw was Barbarella, and most of my early years were obsessed with the killer dolls who try to eat Jane Fonda.

The Cute As a Button Collection
The Cute As a Button Collection

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11 Responses to “Pocket Pal”

  1. Nancy Bernard Says:

    Barbarella! I especially like the teased, bed-head hairstyles of the nasty little girls.

  2. Sean Says:

    I never noticed that, but absolutely, bed-head. Psychadelic.

  3. Jennifer McSwain Says:

    How this possibly be the first movie you ever saw? I had no idea what Barbarella was about other than it had Jane Fonda and it was futuristic. Thanks for the insight, glad I unloaded my barbie collection on eBay!!! OMG, this might be the creepiest “doll horror” I have ever seen!

  4. Sean Says:

    Yes, I saw this at a movie theater on Van Ness in SF in 1968. My parents were “free thinkers”. You need to see it for the title sequence alone.

  5. marian bantjes Says:

    Those “CaaB” dolls are the most revolting things I’ve ever seen. EVER. EVER. I will have nightmares for sure.

  6. Sean Says:

    I know. I’m buying hundreds for you to add to your doll room, or the 25 others you keep on your bed.

  7. Joya Mytych Says:

    Nice contribution. Thanks.

  8. Bloggers Says:

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  9. Better Gardening Blogs Says:

    Now I know why so many people love this site

  10. Sean Says:

    I’m glad you did. Thanks!

  11. Sean Says:

    Best compliment I’ve gotten in months. Gracias.